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Posted by Brave Aiglentina on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 13:31:22

In honor of the festive season, Sendwave would love to spread some extra cheer! For every new sender using a dedicated promo code between Dec. 15-31, $5 will be donated to charity.

Hi Wave Community! With Ugandan school fees due soon, we wanted to introduce the newest member of the Wave family: Elizabeth's grandson, Jerome. When Jerome's mother needed an urgent c-section, Elizabeth was able to send money instantly from London to Kampala to cover the bill.

Sendwave. December 19, 2017 ยท How does Wave work? Link your debit card securely and send directly into mobile money wallets in Ghana & East Africa. Related Videos. AV Japan 2017.

Sendwave reserves the right to select the form of payment to the Beneficiary. Sendwave and/or Sendwave designated service providers will use reasonable efforts to provide payment in a form requested, but the Sendwave Application is not obligated to provide payment options for a specific Payment.

To my long time Girlfriend I wouldn't do business with Sendwave. The customer service was a big disgrace when do few transfer to my girlfriend Nigeria know my girlfriend nearly five year there treat me like a criminal the customer service should be ashamed there self.

Drew was tired of losing money on transfers to his charity in Tanzania. So, in 2014 he and Lincoln created Wave, a mobile app that allows people to send money to Africa instantly and without any fees!