Calreach Loan Repayment

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Calreach Loan Repayment

Posted by Briere Allison on Monday, 17 February, 2020 03:49:36

A Guide to Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs for Community Health Centers A resource guide to provide community health centers with access to information on the various loan repayment and scholarship programs offered at the federal, state and local level. 2015

Loan repayment for healthcare professionals practicing in designated Health Professional Shortage Areas. County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Welcome to the OSHPD Funding Portal; Welcome to the OSHPD Funding Portal. This site is best viewed with Google Chrome

Bachelor of Science Nursing Loan Repayment Program. This California loan forgiveness program is offered through the Health Professions Education Foundation. The Bachelor of Science Nursing Loan Repayment Program is awarded up to $10,000. If someone is awarded this, they have to commit to practicing direct patient care for one year at a

LOAN ASSUMPTIONS/REPAYMENT PROGRAMS PROGRAM NAME WHO CAN APPLY For detailed information, visit the following WEBSITES: Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP) • Licensed or registered psychologists • Registered of Licensed Psychiatrists • Postdoctoral Psychological Assistants • Postdoctoral Psychological Trainees

National Health Service Corps Federal Loan Repayment/California State Loan Repayment Program (NHSC/SLRP) increases the number of primary care physicians, dentists, dental hygienists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and mental health providers practicing in a

The Health Professions Education Foundation (HPEF) improves access to healthcare in underserved areas of California by providing scholarships and loan repayments programs to health professional students and graduates who are dedicated to providing direct patient care in those areas. In return for this support, recipients agree to provide direct patient care in a medically underserved area of